Air travel provider AlaskasWorld has one of the world’s largest commercial networks. There is a tremendous deal of emphasis on Paperless Employee Travel at People can use this site to make bookings and share information about flights throughout the world.


AlaskasWorld Customer Service

AlaskasWorld’s customer care numbers may be used by any potential customer or employee to get in touch with the AlaskasWorld Help Center. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is; these phone lines are always open.

In the event that you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to a professional person by phoning the phone number. As a security measure, you may be asked for your PeopleSoft employee number and any additional information that you have supplied in your work profile.

To see all of the information, you must prove that you are an Alaskas World or Horizon Air employee.

Dial helpdesk number 1877-238-1077 to settle your request.

If you are a former Alaska Airlines employee, you must phone the same number.

This number is also helpful for resetting your password and maintaining your profile.

If required, you can change the password you created.

If you need to contact AlaskasWorld, you may do so through email at the address listed below.

Postal Service Box 68900

U.S.A. 98168 Seattle Washington

Another option is available.

New York City, New York

There are 98188 residents in Seattle, WA.

All of the contact information, including phone numbers, is obtained via various online resources. In this regard, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data and recommendations provided. To learn more about AlaskasWorld, please visit their official website.

Employees of AlaskasWorld must have a valid login and password in order to access the portal’s perks. Alaska Airlines or the Horizon Air HR staff can provide you with this information if you don’t already have it.